“Up until now I’ve never owned a jacket that makes me wanna blast The Lumineers on vinyl more than this guy.”

As an owner and outspoken proponent of light weight puffy jackets this post by hiker/comedian Matt “Schmutz” Lyons hit home and made me giggle. His Instagram is a fountain of outdoor related comedy, well worth a follow. All jokes aside, light weight puffers are the bomb and everyone should own one.

Here’s another by Matt about people with mountain tattoos:

“I walked into REI this morning to do some shopping and they hit me with a 10% mountain tat discount

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As a nod to Matt’s paid sponsorship with North Face to promote their Circaloft line here’s a bit more info:

Meet Circaloft—our new lightweight, highly packable, synthetic insulation line. The Men’s Circaloft Jacket has an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, fully recycled body fabrics and the ability to stow in its right hand pocket (or external stuffsack). As one of our Circular Design styles, solid color options are made with sustainably conscious materials and recyclable when you get it back to us.