Hank the Tank has been a viral sensation since 2022. This massive 500-pound black bear is infamous for numerous home break-ins in the Lake Tahoe area (though some of those accusations may have ben false). Hank, who actually is a female, was recently captured by wildlife officials. Luckily for Hank, she has gotten a reprieve that most bears typically don’t receive. While most bears captured after break-ins are euthanized, Hank will be relocated to an animal sanctuary in Colorado. Her three cubs (who were also captured) will be rehabilitated in California with the hope of being released.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis welcomed Hank on social media with the following statement:

“Today, wildlife biologists for the @californiadfw captured a large female black bear, who will be transferred to @wildanimalsanctuary upon a one-time permission from @coparkswildlife and @coagriculture. We welcome “Hank the Tank” (turned out to be Henrietta the Tank) to Colorado!”

We wish Hank/Henrietta the Tank and her cubs a happy and healthy future! You can check out the news coverage of her capture and relocation below:

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBS Colorado and Bear League