Arizona saw a wet winter, which offered a brief reprieve from years of drought-like conditions. Then came the heat wave. The Western United States experienced record-breaking temperatures in July, which was exemplified by the overwhelming warmth in Phoenix, Arizona.

CBS News reports that Phoenix saw 31 consecutive days where the temperature reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This streak fittingly ended on July 31st, as they only reached 108 degrees. This streak made it the hottest month in Phoenix, and in any U.S. city, ever, and was a record run of days for Phoenix that reached 110 days or more. Surface temperatures reached as high as 180 degrees, meaning that people are trying to stay cool inside. This means that people are using up a lot of energy and water. Unfortunately, the temperatures will remain above one hundred degrees for the rest of this week.

The United States saw a multitude of abnormal weather in July. Heat waves in the Southwest created record-high temperatures in numerous cities. Northeast has seen an extreme amount of rain, which resulted in heavy flooding in many mountain communities throughout Vermont. According to the Associated Press, scientists believe that this past July was the hottest month on record.

You know what? I’m starting to think that this climate change thing they’re always talking about on the news is pretty real.

Image Credits: Chris Tingom, Ian Dziuk, Rylan Hill

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