Cover Image Credit: Palisades Tahoe

They’re skiing in California! Ryan Williams shares this video of summer snowboarding at Palisades Tahoe from July 2, 2023.

Endless winter vibe continues. California Summer boarding today at Alpine. Ride on. Christaphari. July 2, 2023. Lake Tahoe, CA

Ryan Williams

Look at all that snow! Chairlift will be spinning today (July 4th) at Alpine so get out there and get some!

About Palisades Tahoe: Palisades Tahoe, formerly known as Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, is a premier ski resort located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Renowned for its Olympic heritage and breathtaking alpine scenery, Palisades Tahoe offers world-class skiing and snowboarding experiences. With over 6,000 skiable acres, the resort boasts a variety of terrain suitable for all skill levels, from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging chutes and bowls for experts. Palisades Tahoe also provides top-notch amenities, including modern lifts, cozy lodges, and a vibrant village atmosphere.

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