Colorado just hasn’t been able to catch a break this last month, with storm after storm, day after day slamming the Denver area (and much of Eastern Colorado). Two days ago, on Wednesday, 80+ concert goers were injured after the Red Rocks venue was hit by a dangerous hail storm. Yesterday, as the dust had began to settle, yet another storm headed into the city, and an EF-1 tornado managed to touch down just around 10 miles south of Denver city limits.

The tornado began around 3:28pm in Highlands Ranch, moving east for 6.3 miles until 3:48pm, when it disappeared just west of Lone Tree. Despite its low rating of just an EF-1 (tornados are commonly rated from EF-1 to EF-5), winds reached up to 97mph, and plenty of damage was done across it’s quarter mile width.

According to 9News, there were no injuries reported in connection to Thursday’s tornado. The storm did manage to damage the roof of the South Metro Fire Station 17 and force the indefinite closure of the Eastridge Rec Center. South Metro Fire and Rescue received calls about gas leaks, blaring fire alarms, and trees strewn about, but nothing has been categorized as significant structural damage.


Time-lapse of the Tornado that hit Highlands Ranch, CO. Capture Location: Centennial Airport #highlandsranch #tornado #colorado

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Image Credit: Zac Dirmeyer via Twitter

Featured Image Credit: Brayden Tompkins via TikTok

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