Those traveling to or around Rocky Mountain National Park should be aware of a closure on CO 7 between Lyons and Allenspark, a closure that’s existed since the 14th and is expected to continue until Friday, June 23. Why, you may ask, has such a major road been fully closed for such a long period of time? Because enormous boulders from a large rockslide last week continue to block the road, despite 100 truckloads of rock already having been removed from the site.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) worked over the weekend to pull down and remove loose rock from the slide wall, but more work is still required to make the road safe for use. On Tuesday, June 20, crews worked to blast boulders the size of garbage trucks and one the size of a firetruck.

“We realize the inconvenience this has caused for the residents of the canyon. But this slide has loosened a lot more rock in this area and we need to get all of that down so it is safe for the traveling public when we reopen.” – Regional Transportation Director Heather Paddock

If you’re planning a long drive in Colorado, I highly recommend checking out the COtrip website or app, both of which will make it very easy to find out the best routes to take and what to expect in terms of delays (also, follow CDOT on Twitter for a bunch of super helpful updates. I always have whoever’s in the passenger seat of my car check for updates constantly on weather filled drives to the ski resorts).

Image Credit: Colorado Department of Transportation via Twitter

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