One of the most intriguing regulars at Killington’s Superstar Glacier every spring is the Birdman. He has a fluffy costume, which features a horn. While he’s skiing, the Birdman will stop and blow his horn, making the crowd go wild.


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Earlier this month, YouTuber Nick D’Ambrosia had to chance to speak with the Killington legend. The video, which is down below, features an interview with the Birdman. He discusses why he blows the horn and what he includes in his outfit.

Killington just wrapped up its Memorial Day Weekend shred sessions, but there’s a chance they reopen for some June lift-serviced skiing. They’re hoping to reopen on June 1st or 3rd, depending on how the remaining snow handles this upcoming heat wave.

Image/Video Credits: Nick D’Ambrosia, Killington Resort

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