Yosemite's Tioga Pass Completely Blocked | No Estimated Opening Date

Yosemite's Tioga Pass Completely Blocked | No Estimated Opening Date

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Yosemite's Tioga Pass Completely Blocked | No Estimated Opening Date


Tioga Road, also known as Highway 120, is an iconic pathway traversing the expansive Yosemite National Park in California. Known as a trans-Sierra route, it provides a majestic journey across the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Stretching approximately 61 miles, Tioga Road is a testament to nature’s grandeur and the breathtaking landscape of the region.

An unforgettable journey along Tioga Road reveals views of Yosemite’s high country, with its diverse ecosystem of alpine meadows, glistening lakes, and towering granite domes. It’s a corridor through which visitors can engage with the park’s rich biodiversity, offering glimpses of wildlife in their natural habitat.

“Thanks to our road crews, avalanche team, mechanices, and other support staff as they work hard to plow through very deep snow. Plows are currently working in the White Wolf area. Avalanche crews have gone ahead via snowcat to Olmsted Point to do blasting of the avalanche zone.
In previous heavy snowfall years, Tioga Road has opened in late June or early July, however, there is no esimated opening date for this year.”

– Yosemite National Park

Tioga Road’s highest point is Tioga Pass, standing tall at about 9,943 feet, making it California’s loftiest highway pass accessible by vehicle. This high-altitude pass offers awe-inspiring panoramic views, displaying the raw, rugged beauty of the Sierra Nevada.

However, this stunning road has seasonal accessibility, closing in late fall due to heavy snow and reopening in late spring or early summer. Despite this, the journey along Tioga Road remains a high point (literally and metaphorically) for any visitor to Yosemite National Park, showcasing a unique blend of natural splendor and scenic wonder.

[Video From Yosemite National Park: Various scenes of large snowblowers blowing deep snow and dozers moving snow from the top of the snow. Beyond the plows, various scenic views of snowy mountains, snowcat driving down a snow-covered road, melting snow, and buildings with snow nearly to the roof.]

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