National Parks' Close Roads and Delayed Openings Due To Massive Winter

National Parks' Close Roads and Delayed Openings Due To Massive Winter


National Parks' Close Roads and Delayed Openings Due To Massive Winter


The 2022/23 winter was one for the record books. The massive snowfall across the west this winter has meant that several national parks have made the decision to temporarily close certain roads and campgrounds. This move comes as a result of various factors impacting park operations and visitor safety. Here is a closer at some of the parks impacted by the massive snow totals.

Yosemite National Park is one of the parks affected by these closures. Due to heavy snowfall and hazardous conditions, the Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road will be closed until further notice. These closures aim to ensure the safety of visitors and allow park personnel to perform necessary maintenance and clearing tasks.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona has faced delays in opening the North Rim due to an unprecedented amount of snowfall. The heavy winter snow accumulation, totaling over 250 inches, has buried the Grand Canyon Lodge, requiring extensive plowing and facility repairs. As a result, the opening of the North Rim has been postponed until June.

Additionally, visitors should note that the North Kaibab Trail will be closed for trail reconstruction until June 1. This closure is necessary to address the impact of rockfall and landslides. However, starting from June 9, the North Rim campground will be open to visitors.

Another park affected is Zion National Park. The popular Angels Landing Trail will be temporarily closed to hikers due to rockfall concerns. Park officials have decided to implement this closure to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries until the area can be assessed and made safe for public use.

Sequoia National Park has experienced significant damage to its roads as a result of winter storms. This has led to the closure of all but six miles of the Generals Highway, which is the main access road within the park. Unfortunately, this closure restricts access to the majestic giant sequoias in the park.

Cedar Grove, located in Kings Canyon, is closed as well. Severe road damage on Highway 180 necessitates this closure, and park management does not anticipate reopening the road until the fall.

Great Basin National Park in Nevada is also experiencing delays in its spring opening due to an exceptional amount of snowfall. As a result, the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, Wheeler Peak Campground, and popular hiking trails, including the Alpine Lakes Loop, remain inaccessible as they are still covered in snow. Typically, these areas open at the end of May, but the park management expects a delay until July 1. Additionally, hikers are advised to be cautious of potential flash-flood conditions as temperatures rise.

It’s important to note that these temporary closures are part of the ongoing efforts by national park management to ensure the well-being of both visitors and park ecosystems. By addressing safety concerns and performing necessary maintenance, they strive to maintain the parks’ natural beauty and preserve the visitor experience.

Visitors planning trips to national parks are encouraged to stay informed about any closures or changes by checking the official websites and social media channels of the respective parks. It is advisable to adjust travel plans accordingly to avoid disappointment or inconvenience.

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