Marijuana Vending Machines Are Now Available In Colorado

Marijuana Vending Machines Are Now Available In Colorado


Marijuana Vending Machines Are Now Available In Colorado


Imagine walking up to a touch screen covered with different strains of weed, picking out which one you want, and watching while a machine packs, seals and dispenses a bag of weed just for you. It may seem a bit far fetched and, depending on where you live, downright illegal. But, for your friendly Colorado stoner, it may start to become more and more common.

Terrapin Care Station dispensary, located in Aurora, Colorado, has just opened their Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE) machine up to the public, developed alongside Canadian vending machine company BMC Universal Technologies. According to The Denver Post, ACE was first unveiled at the MJBizCon trade show back in November, where it appeared to be quite popular.

Right now, customers are still required to show proof that they’re 21 to an employee when entering the store, so you can’t just walk up to the machine and start using it, but, once inside, up to 1,152 cannabis products are available without the assistance of an employee. It’s not just limited to but, either, with refrigeration in the machine allowing for concentrates, edibles, vape oil cartridges, and more.

The vending machine comes in as many dispensaries throughout the state are experiencing a staffing shortage, allowing for a faster shopping experience for the customers while filling the gap on missing staff. In 2020, a similar machine, called Anna, was rolled out in several dispensaries throughout Colorado. But, according to Ben Tafoya, supervisor of the Star Buds stores in Aurora, transactions were more of a pain through the machine than through the standard person to person manner.

“Everything has to be accounted for and everything has to be stickered after it’s been purchased to prove there was a legal transaction made, and so someone had to be standing at the vending machine at all times. It was not as successful as we wanted it to be, so it didn’t stick around long. I think we only did a handful of transactions out of it.” – Ben Tafoya

Colorado Governor Jared Polis even promoted the machine, tweeting about on February 12. At Terrapin Care Station, the belief that the ACE machine could revolutionize the industry holds strong.

“It’s not crazy to think in a few years from now – with changes in regulation – you might see these at Union Station, or like ATM expresses where you swipe cards to get into the use the ATM” – Spokesperson Peter Marcus

Imagine traveling to Colorado for a ski vacation and having a weed vending machine in your hotel lobby. You could just take the elevator down in your swimsuit and bathrobe, pickup an edible, and go hang out in the hot tub, all while still in your slippers. Rest and relaxation after a long day of skiing would be even easier (if you’re into that kind of rest and relaxation, of course).

Image Credit: Terrapin via Instagram

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