“One of the greatest qualities of the mountaineer is observation.”

Good thing Galuchot Victor took a moment to observe this terrain and administer a few well place stomps to this ridge before dropping in. This thing was ready go. Find the full French to English translation on what happened below:


4 days ago, I decided that for all my outings from now on, I will find very safe climbs to reach the top on the lines. Do not expose myself to the climb and make fine corridors that I can purge from above before making the decision to ski or not. Here is the first lane I did after making this decision …

I find a solution to get around the problem because I don’t have the wisdom to stay home.

The mountain does not want to let us pass. So we force the passage. And we are wrong.

I think I am gauging it properly.

But if a man who has climbed the Green 100 times gets tricked, who am I to think of managing?

One of the greatest qualities of the mountaineer is observation. There I think we saw enough to brake with both feet.

Some will do the best lines of the year, others the last of their lives. I would like to ski again next spring and those after.

I can’t tell you not to go. I myself will go.

But I lower my gauge to the minimum.

Appreciate the mountains with lesser goals. The time that again, she agrees to let us pass.

Happy skiing to all

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