We asked our Facebook followers last week: ‘What’s One Thing That’s Changed About Skiing That You Hate?‘. Thousands of people answered with a flurry of complaints, gripes, and pet peeves.

To balance out the negativity, we asked our followers the opposite. Unfortunately, less people responded, but that’s just the nature of the internet.

Check out the best answers from our Facebook followers to the question:

‘What’s one thing that’s changed about skiing/snowboarding that you love?’

Heather G: “I have a son and he likes skiing with me.”

David C: “High speed, detachable chair lifts. (Vs the t-bars and other surface lifts as main lifts when I was a kid)”

Thomas N: “That snowboarding is no longer a crime. Yeah. I’m that old”

Chris R: “Everybody realizing that it’s all about having a smile getting down the mountain, whether you’re on skis or a snowboard who cares … awesome to see that stupid feud going away!!”

Josheph K: “Fat skis almost as wide as my snowboard, so the skiers can keep up with me in the trees.”

^Atomic Bent Chetler lineup

Nick B: “Gear has gotten so much lighter and is better quality!”

Amy H: “Boys psyching each other up in the start gate by yelling, “Ski like Mikaela!!” I love that.”

Karl A: “the snow making and grooming are light years better now than when I started over 50 years ago.”

Diane M: “That there is now women’s specific snowboarding gear and clothing. When I started in the early ’90s there was not.”

^Palisades Tahoe. Skier: @peteschleif, Photo: Matt Lorelli/UN

Rick P: “Epic/ikon passes. My average lift ticket price has averaged around $29 for the last 7 years.”

Jon B: “GoreTex”

Nik F: “The skis. I admit I was a detractor of fat skis shen they first hit the market. Now many of those skis would hardly rank as mid-fats, and I could be happy with my Enforcer 100s as a daily driver if I wasn’t such a gear whore.”

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