When I visited Colombia in 2019, I got to ride the Medellin Metrocable gondola, and it was a very unique experience. In Latin and South American Countries, these gondolas help less fortunate individuals reach city centers for work and shopping. They are adaptable to hilly and mountainous terrain, which is quite common in these countries.

YouTuber RMTransit, whose actual name is Reece, broke down why they’ve become so popular in cities, and the pros and cons to installing them in cities. He shows where it has worked well, and where it hasn’t. In other cities, like London, where other forms of transport are still preferred.

With him being a skier, this is a good watch for the skier community due to his understanding of the gondola as an essential mode of transportation.

Some gondolas are being considered in the United States. The most notable idea is a gondola that would go from Los Angeles’s Union Station to Chinatown and then would end at Dodger Stadium.

The video from RMTransit is below.

Image/Video Credits: RMTransit, Ian Wood Of Unofficial Networks, LA Art

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