If you’re looking for a good documentary to add to your movie list or looking for something interesting to watch tonight, check out Seeking Asgard: Ski Life Stories from IcelandIceland doesn’t seem to be talked about all that much when it comes to skiing locations, but the snow is there and the stories are there. This 2 hour and 13 minute documentary explores both of those aspects, and it features some stunning shots (put it on your TV if you can, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the documentary from your computer).

“Shot in April 2022 over three weeks, join us as we circumnavigate the country holding interviews in all four corners of Iceland – travelling to Ísafjörður in the West, Eskifjörður in the East, Dalvik in the North and Reykjavík in the South, covering over 3000km. The series of interviews focuses on personal stories – including relationships between fathers and sons, female empowerment in the outdoor industry, overcoming life threatening injuries and conversations around the effects and impact climate change is having on the country as a whole – and ski industry specifically.”

Image Credit: Holmlands via YouTube

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