WATCH: Do Other Planets & Moons Get Snow?

WATCH: Do Other Planets & Moons Get Snow?

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WATCH: Do Other Planets & Moons Get Snow?


“Oh, boy, it’s beautiful out here! Reminds me of Sun Valley.”Jim Irwin, Astronaut Who Was A Part Of Apollo 15 Mission To The Moon.

The Apollo missions brought up some interesting questions on whether you can shred on other planets and moons. Many astronauts have experienced the phenomena of a snow-like surface that existed on the moon and debated whether it was possible to ski on it.

In terms of other planets and moons, a recent video from YouTuber Scott Manley discusses other parts of the solar system that experience snowfall. While snow is made out of other elements on these different planets and moons, it does occur in other places.

Some examples of snow surfaces are the polar caps and snowfall on Mars and the liquid precipitation that occurs on Titan. Perhaps the most fascinating scenario is the geysers that produce snow on Enceladus, which Scott compared to snowmaking machines.

You can watch the fascinating video from Scott Manley below.

Image/Video Credits: Scott Manley, Jim Irwin of NASA

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