Giant Squid Attacks Paddleboarder (Video)

Giant Squid Attacks Paddleboarder (Video)


Giant Squid Attacks Paddleboarder (Video)


Giant squid might seem like a mythological creature or an alien life form, but they are real. Very real.

Female giant squid can grow up to 43′ long, and weight up to 600 lbs.!

A group of paddleboarders encountered a juvenile male giant squid floating near the surface in the video below. The squid appears to be injured and has floated to the surface to die. It most likely got in some sort of scuffle deep down in the ocean below.

Short Version:

Sperm whales, pilot whales, southern sleeper sharks, and orcas have been known to hunt giant squid. This young male might have escaped the battle, but he did so with some fatal wounds.

Full Video:

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