Mama grizzly bears are extremely protective of their cubs.

They’re known to charge after humans and other wildlife for the sake of their offspring’s safety.

Chris McQuarrie (@myinnerwild) was recording a mama grizzly breastfeeding her cub near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the video, embedded below, you can see that the cub accidentally bites the mama grizzly too hard.

She then starts to run directly towards McQuarrie. The video is brief, but it provides an excellent glimpse into the daily lives of grizzly bears.

Check it out:


🐻 Did you see the cub stand at the end? This Grizzly Mom was feeding her cub when the cub bit her too hard by mistake, causing her to growl, bite him back, then charge coincidentally towards us. #CapCut #grizzlybear #bearcub #bearattack #albertacanada🇨🇦 #alberta #calgary🇨🇦 #canada #canadianrockymountains

♬ original sound – Chris McQuarrie

I’m not entirely sure of the events leading up to this video, but doesn’t it seem like McQuarrie is a little bit too close to these bears to begin with?

I’ve seen lots of people in the comments say that most bears are ‘friendly’ up there, but I uh… I’m not so sure.

All it takes is for one wrong step and you’re bear food.

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