“I have been saying for years that it is better to loose speed at the top of the turn than the bottom. I have always known this was a calculus problem, putting it outside of my ability to scratch out the answer on a bar napkin.”

Full disclosure, I still do addition and subtraction on my fingers so anything to do with high level math puts me squarely out of my depth but hopefully there’s a few readers out there who can help this dude prove or disprove his hypothesis about maintaining speed in a ski race by using calculus:

“It was the implementation of the golden ratio turn shape that invigorated my desire to solve the problem. I would like to decipher the fundamental physics of skis racing, can you help? Is there someone out there who can set up this formula? Will someone be able to solve the mysteries of the universe, the ski racing universe? Please join me and make the future a reality”….if you think you can shed some light on the subject and wish to join the chat GO HERE:

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