This New "Double Decker" Snowboard Design Is Wild

This New "Double Decker" Snowboard Design Is Wild


This New "Double Decker" Snowboard Design Is Wild


“DOUBLEDECK features the most innovative snowboard technology I have ever experienced in my career.” –Terje Håkonsen Snowboard legend and partner of DOUBLEDECK® Snowboards

Not gonna lie, when I first saw this new snowboard design on my news feed I thought it was somewhere between a goofy gimmick to a borderline early April Fools joke but then I saw that Terje Håkonsen is endorsing it and changed my tune. Terje is a legend of the sport and a nonsense dude. He’s got ton of integrity and credibility so anything he signs off on deserves closer inspection.

The DoubleDeck Snowboard wont be available until September 2023 but it already took home an award at ISPO Munich 2022. The new board design obviously sticks out from the pack due to its patented convex pressure bow system (CPS) mounted on top of the motherboard which bridges the motherboard from tip to tail. The technology promises to deliver more power to the edges and increases the effective edge points on the board.

Haven’t seen anything this revolutionary in the world of snowboarding since the introduction of reverse camber and Magne-Traction. People scoffed at those when came out and now they’re widely accepted so don’t be too quick to poopoo this just because its different. Check out the video, read the description below MORE INFO HERE:

Rethink snowboarding.

DOUBLEDECK® Snowboards presents a completely new and patented snowboard technology. The DOUBLEDECK® technology is based on a two sided connective board construction between the motherboard and the upper bow construction.


Whilst the motherboard is being constructed with its patented inverse concave bending system it alone can be bent up to 45 degrees in its length axis.

The patented convex pressure bow system mounted on top of the motherboard bridges the motherboard from tip to tail.


The bindings are being mounted on top of the bow. Once stepping into the bindings your own bodyweight is pressuring down the bow and the power that occurs from that is being transmitted to the effective edgepoints of the board. This leads to a more precise riding ability whilst being able to carve better, run faster and jump higher. 

Also through the leverage of the bindings and its flex bow construction it is easier to turn.

Beginners will have an easier entry to learn snowboarding as the DOUBLEDECK® concept avoids canting through its spring feather effect.


Advanced riders have the benefit with doubledeck® Snowboards that with the patented superslide railsystem the board gets a better pop whilst jumping and if landing improperly the doubledeck® corrects the wrong landing with its snapping back to the original position and avoids canting at all.


Different bow constructions with different flexes are being currently developed for versatile usage in various conditions.

Internationally available at professional retailers starting from October 2023 DOUBLEDECK® Snowboards offers a variety on different boards and different bows that can be changed for various conditions.

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