If you haven’t noticed, we are certified fanboys of freeskiing pioneer Glen Plake. After a 40 year career as a pro shredder we still can’t get enough of his infectious positive attitude and insatiable appetite for all things rad. At 58 years old Glen isn’t really slowing down at all and has recently partnered with Pit Viper is what can only be described as a match made in heaven. Get to know the man behind the mohawk in this recent episode of The Out of Bounds Podcast. Absolute legend:

“This week’s guest on The Out of Bounds Podcast needs no introduction. It’s Glenn freakin Plake. The man with the mohawk is a legend on and off the slopes. He continues to be the punk rock pro badboy of skiing now and over the past forty years. Wrangling and directing a conversation is about as difficult as trying to catch him chasing him down a field full of moguls. He and Adam talk about where his Passion for skiing comes from. And it’s pretty simple, there’s just nothing like it. And Glen found his place to belong in an outcast sport.

 The Episode also covers Pit Viper finding their perfect Pitch Man and Glenn’s thoughts on snowboarding and Big Fat Dump Skis. They also talk about the development of Elan’s new Ripstick Tour 104. Glenn was hands on and willing to come to blows to get it right. Glen Plake also drops wisdom and knowledge discussing his keys to longevity; taking pride in what you have and what you do, opportunity to inspire others need to inspire yourself, and to evolve you must be involved. Skiing is an all ages show. And Glen Plake will be rockin the main stage for many years to come. His energy and enthusiasm for the sport is intoxicating.”

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