We Might Have Just Found The Perfect Après-Ski Footwear

We Might Have Just Found The Perfect Après-Ski Footwear


We Might Have Just Found The Perfect Après-Ski Footwear


One thing I have learned over my many years of skiing and partying is the importance of après footwear. Still kicking it in your ski boots at 8 pm is less than ideal but subpar footwear can be nearly as bad.

The perfect après footwear has to meet a few key points.

1. They have to be comfortable.

2. They have to be warm.

3. They have to be easy to slip on and off (no one whats to fight to get on a pair of boots after they just fought to pry their foot out of a frozen ski boot)

4. They must be substantial enough to walk through snow and ice.

5. They make you feel good by looking good.

Over my many years of skiing, I have tried all kinds of footwear for après. For a long time, I rocked some old New Balance sneakers. They worked well until it was time to trudge home.  Then I moved on to hiking boots with a higher cuff, but the lack of comfort and difficulty taking them on and off made them suboptimal. Finally, I arrived at a pair of soft warm ugg like boots I picked up on a ski trip to Chile. They worked great, but after a few seasons, they had completely fallen apart.

I have been on the hunt for a replacement pair ever since, and I think I might have just found them. Recently, Stio sent me a pair of their brand-new Colter Mid footwear. Here is Stio’s blurb on the new footwear,

“Inspired by the spirit of the brand’s mountain town home, the Colter Mid
Shoe was designed to step out confidently with distinctive style, whether enjoying outdoor après or commuting to the town hill. Feet stay dry and comfortable thanks to the protection of premium, waterproofed leather and a cozy inner wool blend lining along with a lightweight sole that provides slip-tested traction for slick winter conditions.”

I have been wearing these for a few days now and can already tell you that my search for the perfect après footwear is over. The Colter Mid is well-built, super comfortable, and very warm.

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