“MPD and the Iowa DNR are investigating a report of a mountain lion sighting in the Grays Woods neighborhood on the city’s east side. If you see a mountain lion, CALL 911. Do not approach the animal.”
Had to giggle at this report of an investigation into a mountain lion sighting in Des Moines, Iowa.  KCCI reports at first The Iowa Department of Natural Resources confirmed the video showed a mountain lion, but since corrected their statement.When DNR experts first reviewed the footage, they believed there was enough possibility that it was a mountain lion, they wanted to warn the public. Upon further inspection, the DNR revised their previous statement, saying it is in fact just a really big house cat.

“Initially, we did think it may be a mountain lion, at least enough so that it would be good to notify the public.” –Vince Evelsizer, Furbearer and Wetland Biologist of the Iowa DNR

Evelsizer went on to say the video was grainy and small, so it was hard to identify the animal. On behalf of the Iowa DNR, Evelsizer apologized for any confusion it may have caused.  Case closed.

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