It’s scary enough driving a vehicle past the thousands of bison that roam Yellowstone National Park, but riding a motorcycle is a whole other risk.

Myk Bates (@otbprototypes) posted the video below that shows him and his wife getting charged at by a bison as they pass by in Yellowstone.

Here’s what he said about the encounter (keep scrolling for the video):

“Change of underpants required !!! This is me and my wife getting charged by a buffalo yesterday. Glad it ended well but my wife has lots of anxiety around any buffalo now. Lots.”

Yeah…uh…no thanks!

Call me a coward, but I’m scared of riding a motorcycle in general, let alone driving one past a 1,500+ lb. bison that’s trying to pulverize me into the ground.

I’m just gonna stick with skiing. That’s enough danger for me to scratch my adrenaline itches.