Breckenridge Hotel To Be Converted To Worker Housing

Breckenridge Hotel To Be Converted To Worker Housing


Breckenridge Hotel To Be Converted To Worker Housing


The City of Breckenridge is continuing to push headfirst toward solving its housing crisis. After placing restrictions on short-term rentals this summer, they have now purchased a hotel to house workers. Summit Daily reports that Summit County and the City of Breckenridge have purchased the LOGE Hotel in order to convert it into workforce housing. The purchase was done as a 50-50 partnership, meaning the city and the county both paid $3 million for the $6 million hotel. The purchase will lead to thirty-eight worker housing units for the area, which is an obvious need with the present-day worker and housing shortages.

Some work will be done on the property, as the improvements needed will include “fixing light fixtures, updating bathroom fans, and preparing the heating system for winter.” Potentially, the plot of land is being planned to host more apartment complexes, once the zoning has been adjusted. With this purchase, the hotel will obviously be closing. On the bright side for their fans, LOGE will soon be opening a property near Wolf Creek in Colorado. The LOGE Hotel’s official statement from their website is below:

“Community is everything to LOGE. We are 110% committed to getting to know the locals, becoming friends with our neighbors, and helping the small businesses that surround our locations. So, when we were about to expand Breckenridge, we didn’t just run into building obstacles, but also a pretty big moral one. One we couldn’t ignore. One that is facing too many of us all over the nation, but especially right now in Breckenridge. And that obstacle is affordable housing. We had to make a big decision, but honestly, it wasn’t that hard to look at our core values and choose our community over our bottom line. So instead of ignoring the problem, we will be selling LOGE Breck to the city so it can become affordable housing for those who need it most. Our friends, our neighbors, our community. 

I know to some this might be a bit of a shock, but really, truly this is a happy, hopeful goodbye! It’s like any journey we take, where the path never ends but rather it just keeps showing us new places to explore. 

In fact, we’ll be re-emerging in more Colorado towns in the very near future. Hint: Be on the lookout for upcoming announcements very, very soon.

Farewell, Breck. It’s been real. 👋 Stay tuned for details for a proper send-off party.”

Image Credits: LOGE Hotels, Breckenridge Resort

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