Melting Glacier Reveals 1968 Plane Crash Wreckage (Video)

Melting Glacier Reveals 1968 Plane Crash Wreckage (Video)


Melting Glacier Reveals 1968 Plane Crash Wreckage (Video)


Europe has been bogged down by a constant stream of unprecedented heat waves this summer. The record heat is wrecking havoc on cities and towns, and melting even the highest altitude glaciers across The Alps.

A group of hikers were traversing Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland recently when they discovered the wreckage of a plane crash from 1968. The wreckage has been exposed due to the melting glacier.

Inside Edition has the full story in the video below:

“A melting glacier in Switzerland revealed the remnants of a plane crash from the 1960s. Dominik Nellen, a mountain guide, made the discovery this month while on a trek up the Aletsch Glacier. Reports say the plane crashed in the Alps in 1968 and was never recovered. The melting ice revealed parts of the plane including passenger seats and even a tin of skin cream. Mountaineers say it shows the fast effects of climate change.”

Climate change is scary, and I feel like I have to make some kind of joke to keep me from going into an existential crisis so here goes nothing…

Climate change? More like let’s all get some climate strange before the world ends.

Too far? Too stupid? Sorry…

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