The Beauty And The Beast Of Red Rocks (Watch)

The Beauty And The Beast Of Red Rocks (Watch)


The Beauty And The Beast Of Red Rocks (Watch)


By now, most of us know about Slavic aka “The Beast” of Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. The shirtless ultra-runner defines what it means to be a “hardo”.

His daily routine includes running forwards, and backwards, down the iconic venue while hundreds of spectators watch in amazement. Hell, I’ve been to Red Rocks only one time and “The Beast” was there.

His athletic ability is incredible, there’s no denying that, but his animalistic grunting and over-dramatic characterization of “The Beast” is a just a little bit too intense for my liking…

With that being said, it’s pretty spectacular to watch him fly up and down the seats of Red Rocks with ease.

CBS Colorado recently visited Red Rocks to do a video piece on “The Beast” and his equally-athletic yet more graceful counterpart Mays. Check it out below. It’s a must-watch to fully understand what “The Beast” is all about.

I think the lady at the end summarized “The Beast” perfectly when she said, “Somebody needs to get him to a therapist”. 😂

Also, how has Pit Viper not given this dude a sponsorship yet?

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