"The One Thing Every Climber Fears" (Watch)

"The One Thing Every Climber Fears" (Watch)


"The One Thing Every Climber Fears" (Watch)


Climbing comes with inherent dangers and risks, but perhaps none is more terrifying than a cam failing due to a rockfall.

Watch as climber Andraž Egart experiences his worst fear, and lives to tell the tale.

“This weekend we were climbing a 600m route called Jesih – Potočnik in the Julian Alps. Already at the start, we noticed the rock was crumbly and already had a few close calls.

But the worst part was still ahead of us. As I was leading this pitch I tried to place a cam under a rock that looked pretty solid, but all it took was a slight push of the cam against the rock to make the whole thing collapse.”


“Luckily I had my feet well placed on a ledge, otherwise, this could have ended tragically. After that, we still had a third of the route ahead of us with some small rockfalls, but we managed to dodge those. The climb ended late in the afternoon and luckily we all made it in one piece 🙂

If we don’t count all the rockfalls, the climbing itself was pretty fun, and the rock that landed on my face only caused a small scratch on my nose. “

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