WATCH: LINE Skis Week At Windells Camp

WATCH: LINE Skis Week At Windells Camp


WATCH: LINE Skis Week At Windells Camp


Ahhh there’s nothing I love more in the middle of the summer than watching some good folks rip up slushy snow on Mt. Hood. I get a little bit of relief knowing that at least somebody in North America is sliding on snow.

LINE Skis made their annual pilgrimage up to Windells Camp back in July and it looked like a blast. Check out the highlight video below.

I’m jealous.

LINE Skis: “We’re summer skiing at Mount Hood baby. The LINE Skis team has assembled, the beach is hot, and campers are mad stoked to be making all their friends jealous of skiing in July. This Summer we brought our largest crew of Pro and AM athletes to Hood ever! Guest Pros Will Wesson, Tucker Fitzsimmons, Taylor Lundquist, and Jed Blue Waters kept things all time with a support squad of athletes Bennie Osnow, LINE CANADA – Phil Gaucher, Windells Coach Simeon Glas, Reagan Wallis, Mason Kennedy, and many many more! Timberline Parks did a kickass job keeping the park clean for Pros and campers (casually losing almost a foot of snow a day). #GodsWork #HardestParkCrewOnTheMap With a sick mix of features to choose from the crew made quick work at getting busy and making the best of the summer setup provided. See more behind the video and a full recap of our week at Windells:

Check out our 22/23 Collection, Now Live! Filming: John Everett, Connor Clayton Thumbnail Photo: Matt Roebke”

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