Tom Wallisch, The Pride Of Pennsylvania (Watch)

Tom Wallisch, The Pride Of Pennsylvania (Watch)


Tom Wallisch, The Pride Of Pennsylvania (Watch)


I grew up in Delaware, but Tom Wallisch was always one of my inspirations as a kid. He’s from the Pittsburgh area, not too far from my hometown, and I looked up to him as a skier that made it big from the Mid-Atlantic.

I feel a sense of pride for him putting Pennsylvania on the map, and proving that you don’t have to be from Colorado or Vermont to become a successful pro skier.

That’s why I always give Wallisch love whenever I can, and in keeping with that, I’m stoked to share a new film about his career from Breeo.


Breeo“One of the most emulated athletes in the sport of freeskiing, Tom Wallisch is a trailblazer in the world of social media and creative edits. Since rising to stardom in the sport, Tom has racked up several podium finishes including an X Games Gold Medal, a world record, and gained a massive following online – but he wants kids to know that you don’t have to grow up surrounded by ski resorts and competitions to get noticed. “I hope my story of coming up in Pennsylvania, a state really that’s not known for producing any good skiiers of any kind, that you can grow up anywhere. You don’t have to expect to move to Breckenridge to become a pro skiier, you can learn these tricks anywhere, and that’s the beauty of video and social media now.”

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