WATCH: Huge Waves Crash Hawaiian Wedding

WATCH: Huge Waves Crash Hawaiian Wedding


WATCH: Huge Waves Crash Hawaiian Wedding


A couple’s dream wedding in Hawaii was crashed by some big waves over the weekend. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the video below shows that the waves were large enough to send wedding guests running for safety.

The waves were caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Darby.

I wish that the waves came crashing over the wall later in the night so some drunk members of the wedding party would have done something stupid, but you can’t have it all.

I’m just saying that it would have been hilarious to see some drunken guys and gals get obliterated by the powerful water coming over the wall.

The wedding was for Dillon and Riley Murphy on Hawaii’s Big Island. They spoked with KHON 2 News in the full report below.

It seems like they didn’t mind the waves all that much.

Did anybody else notice how awkward that final question by the reporter was? I’ll recap in case you missed it. He said to the the couple-

“I bet you both never thought that the happiest day of your life would also be the wettest…”

I nearly spit out my morning coffee at that question. I don’t think the news dude had any idea what he just asked, but I really wish that the bride had picked up on the unintentional sexual innuendo and played into the joke.

Still not getting it? Read below…

Doesn’t every bride hope that the happiest day of their life (their wedding) is also the wettest day of their life? 

Too far? Sorry…

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