Jet Skier Fails Spectacularly (Watch)

Jet Skier Fails Spectacularly (Watch)


Jet Skier Fails Spectacularly (Watch)


Everybody who boats has a strong opinion about jet skiers, right? You either love ’em or hate ’em, and there’s simply no in between.

This video is for that crowd that doesn’t necessarily love jet skiers zipping around their lake, river, or sliver of ocean… 😂


Chevapasaurus: “This is me getting owned by a huge wave after falling off my Seadoo RXTX 260. Huge THANKYOU to the guy that helped me out! Sir, I owe you a carton of beer! This is what jet skiing is all about, awesome weather, and jet skiers helping each other out! If you see someone that needs help, and its safe to do so – help them! Stay safe people, and keep jumping!”

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