Did you know mountain lions make a chirping sound that’s very similar to a bird call? Yeah. Pretty, crazy right? Click here if you need another example.

The video below shows a young mountain lion, most likely between 5 and 7 months old according to the video description, chirping to locate its mother in the wilderness.

The video was recorded by a trail camp set up by Jasonbear. Check it out!

*Turn up your volume and listen closely. You can hear the cat chirping just like a bird!*

Jasonbear“New Mountain lion kitten chirping away trying to locate mom. This is a new kitten I’m guessing to be between 5-7 months old cruising by my camera just before sunset. Listen to the chirping I think based upon tracks I observed there was at least one more kitten my camera did not catch. On night video section, and end section I believe that is momma cougar earlier that morning then appearing just after dark where kitten or kittens were making the calls to her.”