A $20,000 Treasure Hunt Has Begun in Utah

A $20,000 Treasure Hunt Has Begun in Utah


A $20,000 Treasure Hunt Has Begun in Utah


One of the year’s best treasure hunts is currently underway in Utah. FOX 13 reports that David Cline and John Maxim, who work as real estate investors in Utah, have placed a treasure chest with $20,000 someplace around the Salt Lake City/Provo/Ogden area. This will be the third annual summer that the investors have run the treasure hunt. In order to provide a safe exploration experience, Cline and Maxim added these tips on finding the treasure:

  • The chest is not on private property so no trespassing anywhere.
  • We picked this year’s location with safety in mind. No rock climbing, mountain goating, crazy bushwhacking, or digging is necessary.
  • Treat the mountains and trails with [the] utmost respect. Leave them cleaner than you found them.
  • Remember to take plenty of water and sunscreen.
  • Be aware of wildlife.

Here are the parameters as to where the treasure is located:Boundaries2022.png Last Friday, they released the following clue:

“Start your search with each cool morning
Think how they would send a warning
Around or through where two birds feed
Look down on your faithful steed
Rest a moment when that’s done
Then turn now from the rising sun
Around the heart but don’t yet stop
Wave as you pass Weathertop
Left or right it’s up to you
One is better though both will do
You’ll know you’re close with branches swinging
Listen to the hills all singing
Kiss the tree that’s all alone
And find the chest beneath the stone”

They will release additional clues every Friday on their Instagram pages until the treasure chest is found.

Image/Video Credits: FOX 13, The Cline Family

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