Killington Skier Celebrates 3000th Day On The Mountain

Killington Skier Celebrates 3000th Day On The Mountain


Killington Skier Celebrates 3000th Day On The Mountain


In the winter of 1994, Jonathan Celauro skied at the Beast of The East for the first time. Based in Long Island, New York, Jonathan studied environmental economics in college. He skied 14 days at Killington that season, but it sounds like he picked up the pace. The Mountain Times reports that Jonathan Celauro skied his 3000th day at Killington last Friday, averaging over 100 days for most of the past 28 years.

Jonathan has a rigorous system for recording his skier days. In order to officially have a ski day, Jonathan has to “take at least five runs or 5,000 vertical feet to make the day count.” Before Killington had an app that tracked skier stats, this was a lot harder to accomplish. Days where he only takes only a run don’t count. Since the 1990s, he records his number in a notebook and then puts them on a spreadsheet on his computer. He has recorded info like the weather, conditions, and who he shredded with that day. Somehow, Jonathan knows what his “best day ever was and he can tell you the exact date, how much it snowed, who he skied with, which run was the best, and yes, how many runs he took that day.”

In order to pay for his passion, he started a painting company, did data entry for various local companies like Darkside snowboards, and started the internet sales section of what was the Basin Ski Shop. Other positions he’s had in the past include working as an instructor at Killington’s ski school and waiting tables and being a cook at various Killington restaurants and on Long Island. He married his wife, Sandy (who also was a frequent 100-day-a-season skier before becoming a teacher), in 2004, and they have had two children together: Derek and Lyla. Jonathan is not slowing down anytime soon, likely meaning that he’s aiming to get to 5000 days, which seems fitting based on his daily vertical goal.

Image Credits: Mountain Times, Killington Resort  jonathan.celauro facebook

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