Ranch The Size Of Denver For Sale In Colorado ($26,500,000)

Ranch The Size Of Denver For Sale In Colorado ($26,500,000)

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Ranch The Size Of Denver For Sale In Colorado ($26,500,000)


The 120,000 acre Elk Mountain Cattle Ranch located in Harstel, Colorado, is up for sale for $26,500,000. Approximately 30,000 acres are deeded and approximately 90,000 are leased. The city of Denver is equivalent to only about 99,000 acres.

The land is located in the real South Park, a massive intermountain grassland basins and one of only fifty five National Heritage areas designated in 2009. Sitting at 8,800 feet above sea level, the ranch is surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks and home to over 2,000 cattle and bisons.

Rolling hills, endless grasslands, beautiful streams, and six stocked ponds fill the property. It’s home pronghorn, trophy mule deer, and elk for hunting and includes over 3 miles of land ripe for fly fishing.

I so badly wish I could own this property. Even two acres of that land would be incredible to own and explore, let alone 120,000. Imagine the possibilities! I’d build a little cabin in the middle of nowhere, no way to access without a horse, and just live off the grid for as long as possible.


Image Credit: Confluence Land Company

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