^The canyon was filled with raging water in a matter of seconds

Flash floods are something we all hear about, but how often do we actually see footage of one happening in real-time?

You probably don’t want to experience one in-person because it means your life is in danger… so let this ballsy hiker’s video show you how a slot canyon flash flood plays out.

It’s terrifying, yet incredible to hear the water approaching from above, and then see it plunge over the wall into the canyon below.

This video was filmed at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas on the Ice Box Trail.

Red Rock Venture“Full video of my experience at Red Rock Canyon Ice Box Trail. Driving home from work to see how nice and beautiful the morning was. I just needed to go and I was also expecting a flash flood so I was rushing there walking and jogging as fast as I could to get to the spot where the waterfall is. When I saw all that water flowing down I really was scared for my life and was really wondering what will be my fate. I also help 2 young girls cross the high flowing water and followed me back to the road to get back home. I’m glad it wasn’t really bad and it was just a small flash flood. But I would definitely do it again. It was one of a kind experience.”

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