Ever get the urge to strip down naked and rip down a slope on your skis or snowboard? Personally, every time I watch GNAR the movie, I feel the need to get into my birthday suit and let the less commonly viewed portions of my body feel the cool air. 300 women at Bluebird Backcountry in Colorado will be given the opportunity to experience the freedom of nude skiing on March 15th.

Sponsored by Wild Barn Coffee, the Boot-Tan Fest, which is now completely sold out, is inviting women and femme-leaning non-binary people with interest in skiing and the backcountry to celebrate ALL women through a day skiing around Bluebird Backcountry. After a morning of skiing and enjoying the women-led vendor booths, the group will join together for the big finale, the naked ski lap.

“We want to celebrate ALL women – aged, youthful, hairy, hairless, tattooed, wrinkly, curvy, dimpled – and all of the rad things they do.” Boot Tan Fest

Tickets are $69 (nice) and give access to the entire mountain (which is completely backcountry, no lift access to be found there), free liquor, music, and free gear. Pretty sweet deal! Men, and masculine leaning, non-binary folk, aren’t welcome, so if you fall into those categories and were thinking of attending, better find another plan for March 15th.

Image Credit: Wild Barn Coffee & Bluebird Backcountry on Instagram