BREAKING: Blackhawk Helicopter Crash Reported in Mineral Basin (Snowbird)

BREAKING: Blackhawk Helicopter Crash Reported in Mineral Basin (Snowbird)


BREAKING: Blackhawk Helicopter Crash Reported in Mineral Basin (Snowbird)


Going Deep in Mineral Basin at Snowbird - Ski Utah

^Mineral Basin, Snowbird. Credit: Ski Utah

This is a breaking story with very little information at the moment. We will continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

12:15PM (ET)-

A FOX 13 News reporter is claiming that UPD has received reports of a Blackhawk helicopter crashing in Mineral Basin.

2KUTV is reporting that Snowbird has closed access to Mineral Basin including the Aerial Tram, and Little Cloud Lifts. Emergency rescue crews are responding to the scene at the moment.


Snowbird has disabled all webcams facing Mineral Basin.


Twitter account @SLCscanner is claiming that two Blackhawk helicopters have crashed. They shared the information in Tweets and with the photo below:


Video from @LifterMike93 on Twitter shows two helicopters approaching Mineral Basin. It does not show the crash. He then posted another video of the helicopters on the ground.


Jeff Tavss of FOX13 reports that the National Guard has stated that nobody was injured in the incident.


Images of the scene captured by KSL New Chopper 5. They have confirmed that no injuries have been reported.


Utah National Guard provides statement on the incident:


Video emerges on Instagram that appears to show the crash. Video recorded by @hillyballoran and posted to @oster.jacob‘s story.


New angle emerges on Twitter. Video posted by @IM_Inman

Featured Image Credit: Lockheed Martin

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