Ripsaw Tank Runs Over Snowmobiler (Insane Video)

Ripsaw Tank Runs Over Snowmobiler (Insane Video)


Ripsaw Tank Runs Over Snowmobiler (Insane Video)


The Ripsaw is an unmanned combat vehicle made by Howe & Howe Technologies. The company has recently been an awarded a contract by the US Army to produce vehicles for their Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium program.

The Ripsaw can be manned, and the civilian variant sells for $295,000. The vehicle can reach speeds up to 65mph in 3.5 seconds.

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel is riding a snowmobile, and recording fellow YouTubers Dave Sparks and Cleetus McFarland driving their Ripsaw in the snowy mountains of Utah in the video below.

That’s when the Ripsaw makes a right turn and hits WhistlinDiesel. Check out the crazy clip below!

WhistlinDiesel: “I was snowmobiling in the Utah mountains with Dave sparks and Cleetus McFarland and they took the ripsaw out for a cruise. So I hopped on a snowmobile to take some footage of it and didn’t think I’d be getting ran over by it in the next 30 seconds. This is why you always wear your helmet and appreciate what life you have.”

Here’s a longer Vlog-style version of the clip from HeavyDSparks:

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