Montec Wear Review- Flashy, Quality Products at Respectable Prices

Montec Wear Review- Flashy, Quality Products at Respectable Prices


Montec Wear Review- Flashy, Quality Products at Respectable Prices


Chances are you’ve probably seen an ad or two on your social media feeds for skiing and snowboarding apparel company Montec. The brand is relatively new, but their flashy ads and snazzy gear seems to be making waves in the skiing and snowboarding industries.

I’ve seen dozens of people rocking their gear on the slopes over the last couple of seasons, and I was honestly intrigued. Were the nice-looking products from this new brand at fairly-low prices actually good? Or, is Montec just a clever marketing campaign by a low-end retailer to move product to the masses? I ended up being pretty surprised with the results.

I decided to check out some of the gear from Montec to review here on Unofficial Networks. I’ll breakdown each one throughout this blog, but I’ll say now that I was impressed overall. I’m not sure how Montec can do it, but they’ve figured out a way to sell pretty decent gear at prices that won’t break the bank.

I wouldn’t consider any of their products to be “high-end” or “high-performance”, but I don’t think that was their intention anyways. Montec makes above-average products and below-average prices. The result is a perfect balance for the average skier or snowboarder.

I’ll explain further.

Montec Dune Jacket- Gold

Montec Dune Ski Jacket Gold

Montec’s Dune Jacket is a nice shell that runs for only $219 USD. The jacket is a pullover, which I think looks really nice. I’ve worn it with appropriate layering  from temps as low as -10 degrees to +40 degrees Fahrenheit. The jacket comes in an insulated and non-insulated model. I personally recommend the non-insulated model for practicality. You can always add or remove layers when wearing a non-insulated shell.

The front pouch pocket is perfect for when I’m carrying my camera on the mountain. I can just throw it in there, zip it up, and get it out on the fly whenever I need to. It’s also great for storing your phone.

The jacket comes with easy-to-use vent zippers under the arms, and wrist gaiters to keep you warm on the coldest days. My favorite feature, which is actually pretty mundane when you think about it, is the RFID lift pass pocket on the sleeve. This is the perfect location for sticking an RFID ticket, and it has saved me most of the headaches of dealing with those stupid machines.

Montec Dune Ski Jacket Gold

Consensus: I think that Montec Dune Jacket is an excellent choice for the average resort rider looking for a quality product at a low price. It looks nice, feels good while wearing, and has plenty of technical features not offered by low-end brands. My only knock on the jacket is the waterproofing. I got a little damp when I was skiing a particularly wet and snowy day at Whitefish last week. These were pretty extreme conditions, and it was the only time I’ve ever noticed that issue.

Unofficial Rating: 3.5/5

Montec Fawk Ski Pants- Artic Camo/Black

Montec Fawk Ski Pants Arctic Camo/Black

You probably know by now, but I’m a big-time bibs guy. I started wearing them a few seasons ago, and I will never go back to pants. With that being said, I think the Montec Fawk pants are the best pair of bibs I’ve ever owned.

They fit extremely well, and have a variety of ways to adjust the sizing to the perfect fit. I particularly like the breast pocket. It’s an easy place to store my phone, and tends to keep it warm so the battery doesn’t die in cold conditions.

The bibs have breathable vents on the outside of the leg which are much easier to adjust than inside leg vents, and the elasticated snow gaiters will cover any ski or snowboard boot well.

Montec Fawk Ski Pants Arctic Camo/Black

Consensus: These bibs are rad. I would legitimately recommend them to any skier or rider. They’re technical, breathable, and look great. All-around an awesome product that only runs for $219. I have noticed some durability issues in the vents and zippers, but it hasn’t really caused me too many problems after about 25 days of use.

Unofficial Rating: 4/5

Montec Zulu Base Layer- Black

Montec Zulu Base Layer Top Black

I know I just raved about the Fawk bibs in the review above, but Montec’s Zulu base layer takes the cake as my favorite product that they make.

The Zulu is the perfect base layer no matter the weather, and it pairs excellently with the non-insulated shell. I tend to run pretty warm, but the breathability of the Zulu combined with the lightweight Dune shell has kept me comfortable in temps ranging from 0 degrees to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. I just add another layer or two if it’s any colder, or wear a different base layer if it’s any warmer. It’s perfect.

I haven’t toured wearing the Zulu Base Layer yet, but I could see it performing well on a long uphill mission.

Montec Zulu Base Layer Top Black

Consensus: This is one of my favorite pieces of gear that I’ve ever owned. No joke. The Zulu Base Layer is legit, and I highly recommend you pick one up. Perfect for resort riding in most weather conditions, and looks great.

Unofficial Rating: 4.5/5

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Montec is more than just a flashy marketing campaign. They actually make decent products at decent prices. I recommend any of their gear to the average skier or rider looking for the most bang for their buck.

Thanks for reading and happy shredding!


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