Danny MacAskill's Pandemic Lockdown Edit Is Mind-Bogglingly Awesome

Danny MacAskill's Pandemic Lockdown Edit Is Mind-Bogglingly Awesome


Danny MacAskill's Pandemic Lockdown Edit Is Mind-Bogglingly Awesome


Are we sure that Danny MacAskill is human?

I don’t want to start any conspiracies or anything, but has anybody actually checked to make sure that he is a genuine homosapien? I’m only asking because I can’t make sense of how he does the things he does on a bike. It just shouldn’t be possible.

It’s almost like MacAskill’s bike is part of his body, ya know? The way he can launch himself with such power, and yet still be so technically precise with his movements is just remarkable.

Just check out the edit below of a bunch of tricks he pulled off during the Spring of 2020 while he was on lockdown. It was enough evidence for me to start legitimately questioning if Danny MacAskill is some kind of humanoid alien species, or maybe a cyborg created in a lab by Red Bull’s action sports marketing team to move buttloads of energy drinks.

Stay tuned as I conduct more research on these theories…

Danny MacAskillDanny MacAskill – Driveway

Like so many others, back in Spring of 2020, due to government restrictions I found myself stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands.

When I was younger, Pallets were always the go to obstacles for honing my skills on the Trials Bike, so it was only fitting to get 30 Pallets delivered to the house, turning the driveway into a wee trials park to keep us amused over the summer!

The tricks in this video were all just shot on my phone and were intended mostly for being shared on social media but as they have been some of my best received posts, myself and the team thought it’d be good to pull them all together as a wee Christmas gift for you all to enjoy with your Turkey 🙂

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Edited by: Paul Macdonald
Filmed by: Rory Semple”

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