Alta's New $25 Parking Reservations Start This Weekend

Alta's New $25 Parking Reservations Start This Weekend


Alta's New $25 Parking Reservations Start This Weekend


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Alta Ski Area Parking Lot Credit: First Tracks Online, Marc Guido

Alta Ski Area is rolling out their new paid parking reservation system this weekend. The ski area will charge $25 for daily parking for non-passholders on weekends and holidays starting on December 18th.

Holidays include Christmas: (December 23rd-January 2nd), MLK Weekend (January 15th-January 17th), and President’s Day Weekend (February 19th-21st). Skier will not be required to make parking reservations on weekdays during non-holiday periods.

Parking reservations will not be required from April 4th to closing day.

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Alta Ski Area Trail Map

Kind of a bummer that Alta had to make a move to paid parking reservations on the weekends. I understand their need to limit the amount of cars making their way up the canyon due to limited parking spaces, but did they really have to throw in a $25 price tag with it?

I’m not going to pretend to know the financial situation up there at Alta, but $25 for a day of parking during a weekend or holiday just seems really steep to me. Maybe they’ve set that price to deter the masses from flooding the ski area on the busiest days? Not sure, but paid parking on weekends should be even more of a reason for SLC to implement some kind of transportation solution for Little Cottonwood Canyon.

You can read more about Alta’s Paid Parking Reservations here.

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