This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful For Markus Eder

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful For Markus Eder


This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful For Markus Eder


Markus Eder blessed all of us with his absolutely mind-blowingly incredible edit he dubbed ‘The Ultimate Run’, and the ultimate run it was. I know I wrote a blog about this earlier in the month when the edit dropped, but my mind is still fixated on how insane this video is.

I’ve watched The Ultimate Run no less than a dozen times in the three weeks since the video was released, and I’m just incredibly thankful for it. I know that probably sounds really dumb as you’re reading, but it’s true. I’m grateful that Markus Eder and Red Bull have created this masterpiece for us all to enjoy.

Skiing is a form of art, and The Ultimate Run perfectly encapsulates the feelings of wonder, excitement, elation, and euphoria that I feel out on the mountain. I’ll never be able to ski like Markus Eder, but in a weird way I feel closer to skiing than ever thanks to this video. The Ultimate Run has re-sparked my passion for this crazy sport of sliding on snow, and that’s why I’m just feeling extra thankful this morning of Thanksgiving Day.

I’m thankful for Markus sharing his art, I’m thankful for all of you that read our blogs here at Unofficial Networks on a daily basis, and I’m thankful for skiing. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you enjoy watching Markus Eder’s The Ultimate Run another time.

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