Confused Nick Young GIFs | Tenor
“What he doin’ over there?”

Red Rocks is an unbelievable music venue, but it really brings out the weirdos during daylight hours, doesn’t it?

I remember I was just sitting there minding my own business one day when some dude came blazing down the stairs faster that an F-16 jet. He then got to the bottom, ran back up, and repeated that process over and over again. I didn’t capture it that day, but somebody fortunately did earlier this summer.

Now we have some guy doing barrel rolls down the stairs and doing pushup in between? What’s next? Some shirtless man is probably going to figure out way he can legally have sex with the concert venue, and the onlookers will just stand by shrugging their shoulders saying, “At least he’s getting a workout.”

Can all the Denver workout hardos just chill for a little bit? Ya’ll are ruining my perspective on one of this country’s most beautiful concert venues.