Reno Bans Whips In Downtown Corridor. Yes, Whips

Reno Bans Whips In Downtown Corridor. Yes, Whips


Reno Bans Whips In Downtown Corridor. Yes, Whips


The city of Reno, Nevada has outlawed the use of whips in the downtown area. You read correctly, whips.

According to a report from My News 4, there have been a high number of whip-related incidents in the downtown corridor in recent years. In fact, the police have been called on 170 occasions for incidents involving whips in the past year. A report from KOLO 8, states that this represents a 61% increase in whip-related calls to the police.

Sometimes the proverbial crack of the whip is mistaken for gunshots and reported as such. Naturally, this causes a strong response from the police. Whips have also been used in fights and altercations. The state of Nevada is known for its livestock and ranching industry. That said, a whip does seem highly unnecessary in an urban setting. Proponents of the whip suggest that it is a viable form of self-defense.

Whatever the case, it truly is fascinating that this was a big enough issue for the city to step in and create a new law. One thing is sure, Indiana Jones might have some trouble if he decides to visit Reno.

Images From: This Is Reno Facebook Page, Indiana Jones Facebook Page 

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