Elk In Rut Has Vicious Battle With Trash Bag

Elk In Rut Has Vicious Battle With Trash Bag


Elk In Rut Has Vicious Battle With Trash Bag


Bull elk can get pretty agitated this time of year, and that can lead them to do some pretty unusual things…

Male elk compete with each other to secure a harem of females to mate with in late-September and early-October. Known as the ‘rut’, males will fight each other with their antlers, bugle loudly, and protect their harem at all costs.

Not exactly sure what happened leading up to this video, but this young bull clearly thought this trash bag was a threat at Yellowstone National Park just last week. Imagine being so horny that you start to fight inanimate objects? Well, actually don’t imagine that… That would be scary if that ever happened to a human…

Anyways, enjoy this funny video. Who do you think won? The elk or the trash bag?

“Occurred on October 2021 / Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA “Just another day working at Yellowstone. Was cleaning cabins and this elk came and started playing with a bag of trash we had next to our cart. Eventually, he got bored and took off and let us be.”


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