Seems like chill music/video compilations are all the rage these days. They’re the perfect thing to put on in the background while you’re working, studying, or trying to do something productive. If you enjoy those kind of videos, then boy do I have a treat for you.

Filmmaker Dan Noakes has put together a 1-hour backcountry skiing edit that has relaxingly chill (is relaxingly chill the coolest thing I’ve ever said? maybe…) music overlaid. It’s the perfect thing to throw on in the background during your work from home day, or late-night study session.

I’m playing this video as I write this blog, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I love being able to glace over at it every once in a while to see a relaxing skiing clip, and the music is keeping me going. I love the lo-fi vibes!

Nice one, Dan. Nice one!

Dan Noakes“1 Hour of ski music to relaxing powder ski footage all shot in Idaho, filmed and skied by Dan Noakes. If you need your skiing fix while you are stuck at home, at the office, hanging out with friends, chill and relax to this mix of lofi hip hop while watching relaxing powder ski POV footage. This video includes 1 hour of relaxing backcountry powder skiing footage. Watch the whole thing or have it playing in the background. Memorizing ski footage that will make you feel like you are skiing right beside me. This chillhop and lofi hip hop mix was all filmed during the winter of 2020/2021 in Idaho in the Payette and Boise National Forests, and the Lost River Range. Please subscribe, like, and comment on this video. I would love to hear from you.”