The Nordica Enforcer 104 Is A Sturdy and Fun-Loving Daily Driver

The Nordica Enforcer 104 Is A Sturdy and Fun-Loving Daily Driver


The Nordica Enforcer 104 Is A Sturdy and Fun-Loving Daily Driver


The Nordica Enforcer series has been around for quite a while. The Enforcer 100 has long been known as a sensible and versatile daily driver. The series also featured narrower options like the Enforcer 94 and 88 for frontside shenanigans in addition to the big boy 110 and 115 with a more playful, pow-friendly shape.

For 2020, Nordica introduced the Enforcer 104 Free which borrowed the playful shape of the 110 while retaining the agility and power of the narrower skis. The result? A sturdy and fun-loving daily driver that should work for a huge number of skiers.

This ski has you guessed it, a 104mm waist. The skis have a long length of camber underfoot to deliver nice levels of grip on firm snow. The skis have a substantial amount of relatively low tip rocker and the tips have just a small dose of rocker as well. The core of the ski features two sheets of titanal to deliver power and damping through crud and in tough conditions.

The result of all of this mumbo-jumbo is a versatile and sturdy ride. These skis work great in all conditions. They can hold an edge on ice, blast through chopped-up crud, and perform very well in pow situations for a ski of this width. Perhaps most importantly, they aren’t some super-demanding ski that needs to be pushed hard to feel good. Instead, they have a relatively easy-going attitude and retain a fun-loving disposition. They aren’t as playful skis as some skis with a full-wood core. That said, for a versatile ski with two sheets of metal, they are exceptionally playful and they are easy to bounce around.

Skiers who spend the vast majority of their time on groomers and hard snow might want a more dedicated frontside ski. Aside from that, a lot of skiers will get along with the “104”. Out west, skiers will love the versatility of this ski as it delivers enough power and enough playfulness and never feels out of place in any situation.

Images From: Ski Boot RX Facebook Page, Facebook Page, Nordica Facebook Page

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