Utah got absolutely dumped on by an early-season storm that brought up to 18″ at high elevations, and UDOT officials are beginning to prepare roads for a long winter ahead.

If you’re not familiar, Guardsman Pass is a popular route to travel from Park City to Big Cottonwood Canyon in the summer. I actually took the route myself back in August to play a round of disc golf up at Solitude Mountain Resort, and it’s even a little sketchy when there isn’t snow covering the road. Especially since I was driving a big ass Ford Expedition with brakes that definitely need to be replaced.

Officials close the road during the winter, for obvious reasons…

UDOT shared a sweet video of one of their trucks blasting through inches of snow covering the road, and I thought it was worth the share.

I don’t know who is whipping that truck around, but they must have some big cajones to go that fast on a narrow snow-covered mountain pass. 😂