Its called the Spinera Endless Ride Tube, its made in Germany and it costs $5,040…now that we got that outta the way how long till this thing is banned like the infamous Manta Ray?  If you want to pick one up GO HERE:

Spinera Professional Endless Ride Rotating Tube for 12 Pers.
Great – Greater – Endless Ride! Wooohoooo and wohooooo again – that`s the ultimate fun for you and especially your clients! This FUNTUBE is made for commercial use with maximum durability. Heavy duty material, numerous handholds and the excellent quality of Spinera make this rotating tube an absolute eye-catcher and top attraction for your watersport station! Your clients and guests will love this rotating fun toy!
Short Facts:
Professional Series/Heavy Duty Rental Diameter: 197”/500cm
Made for up to 12 guests 59 comfort handles
Special features:
– patented fast inflation H3 valves
– new stabilized spin system (enabling less fuel usage)
– extra strong 1000D reinforced PVC material
– standard equipment includes 1 repair kit and 1 carry bag
– easily fixable like inflatable boats in case of any damage